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Tue, 25/10/2016

Parma, Italy
From 25th to 28th of October 2016, at CIBUS TEC 2016, A.P.I. has exhibited its products at the Hall 3, Booth A027 in Parma at the Fiere di Parma expo area.

Cibus Tec is now one of the most important events in the world for the Food&Beverage, infact it became in the years a real reference for the technological innovation in the agribusiness, as well as a complete showcase of the best available solutions - from the ingredients to the process technologies,  from the packaging to the logistics - for all kind of products of the food sector.
The event was attended from about 1.200 exhibitors coming all over the world, and over 30.000 visitors in the four days of exposition. So it was the ideal place where A.P.I. has choosed to give the right emphasis at its wide range of Stainless Steel components.

Infact A.P.I.'s Stainless Steel range is complete of Cylinders (standard ISO 15552 Series AMX, standard ISO 6432 Series MDMX, Compact standard ISO 21287 Series CIX) and its mounting accessories, Valves (the all-new Stainless Steel Spool Valve Series AX1 and the Ancillary Valves), Inox Airline equipments Series FRLX, Fittings and Couplings (among which push-in fittings Series RX, rapid fittings Series CX, quick-lock couplings Series GXA and Series GXF), and Accessories (among which Inox Air-Reservoirs Series SCBX and Inox Flow Control Series VX).

Cibus Tec 2016 has been a real success for A.P.I., that registered a large turnout at its booth and a remarkable attention from the operators.
We wanto to tanks all who came.
See you soon!

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