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Mon, 18/09/2017

Wide range of standard and stainless steel AISI 316L products to meet any automation need of the field.

A.P.I., Italian company for thirty years specialized in the design and in the production of industrial pneumatic components, offers its experience and know-how for the Beverage industry.
Innovation, Design and Technology of A.P.I.’s products guarantee excellent performances of this specific sector applications.
The wide range of standard products (including compact cylinders ISO 21287 CI Series and Solenoid Valves multi-pole connection A2 Series) and the complete line of "food grade" Stainless Steel components (such as ISO 15552 Cylinders AMX Series, ISO 21287 Compact Cylinders CIX Series, the all new Round Cylinders RXD Series and the Air-line equipment FRLX Series) are suitable for the Beverage industry.

Stainless Steel components indeed are specifically recommended for bottling processes, thanks to the AISI 316L Stainless Steel, suitable for these specific applications.
In particular, the AMX, CIX and RXD cylinders are supplied with synthetic grease "food grade" lubrication, in accordance with FDA Sec. 21 CFR 178 (reg. NSF H1), which guarantees low friction and a stable, long lasting lubricant, in addition to the eligibility at the accidental contact with food. The Air-line FRLX Series are available in 1/4", 1/2" and 1", Gas and NPT sizes, and in accordance with the NACE Directive (MR-01-75).
All these products, furthermore, are available in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive.
Adding to this, there is the possibility of wide customization of A.P.I. products, and above all the opportunity to create special components on customer's project or directly designed in collaboration with the internal R&D department, to meet even the most specific automation needs.

If attention to the Customer is a key asset for A.P.I., innovation plays a central role in corporate strategy, so every year the company attends many national and international fairs, such as "MDA Hannover Messe", "IFPE", "Valve World Expo", "PTC MDA Asia" and "Cibus Tec".
The whole range of A.P.I. products are also equipped with the "A.P.I. CONTROL SYSTEM" seal.
Further details can be found on our website and online catalog and can be downloaded in pdf format.

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