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Thu, 14/03/2019

Less than a month before the beginning of the Hannover Messe trade fair we are meeting Elio Annoni, Marketing Director at A.P.I. Pneumatic, who tells us about the evolution in the communication strategy 2019 and the investments planned within A.P.I.’s Marketing Division.

"We are driven by the need to adjust to the global changes that we are witnessing in different industries and sectors. That is why, in 2019, we decided to invest several resources to enhance our communication channels and focus our attention on listening rather than selling. A further evidence of our willingness to open up is the launch of our social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
We are also devising new tools to assist our customers at best, both in the B2B and B2C markets."

The main players in the Industrial Automotive business are already following this trend, but SMEs are yet to join. Are you paving the way?
"After careful analysis and thoughts exchanged with some key players in the industry and a number of our most loyal customers, we deemed it strategic and necessary to highlight our features using new tools. Sometimes, in the market it is difficult to find a solution to certain needs, as they are too specific and they would require a tailor-made solution or they are so advanced that they anticipate future needs. Here is where A.P.I. makes a difference! Our flexible approach and outstanding responsiveness make us the ideal partner for small and medium businesses as well as large organizations."

Beside the new digital channels, are you still using the traditional channels to keep in contact with your customers?
"Sure! It is crucial for us to participate in the trade fair that we consider the most important happening within the Industrial Automation sector. We started our journey because we wanted to communicate more and be present on the contemporary media channels, but our most important goal is to actively participate in the Hannover Messe trade fair. Customers of any different type can be met during this trade fair and they range from distributors looking for new contracts, to technical designers looking for a solution, to OEMs looking for a reliable and flexible partner, to large retailers looking for vendors beyond the price tag. At the Hannover Messe trade fair, we want to strengthen our positioning as a pneumatic manufacturer combining high quality and fast response."

The Hannover Messe trade fair is surely a very important exhibition. How long have you been participating?
"This is a very dear event to us. A.P.I. Pneumatic has just turned 30, and we have been taking part in the Hannover Messe trade fair for 22 years! Our professional growth is based on challenges, obstacles, opportunities and success. Despite the ever-changing market and its requirements, MDA has always been a keystone, a place where we could meet and exchange views with other international organizations."

What are the new things we should expect to find at Hannover Messe?
"First and foremost, we have a new team. It will be a pleasure to share time with visitors and convey the main values lying at the foundation of our company! Visitors will find a stand with a powerful communication concept that can showcase our key products at best.
We decided to disrupt the visual concept that is so well known to our customers. At the center of the stand you will find our best-selling products: the cylinders ISO 15552 with their innovative design, our products in stainless steel AISI 316, daily use accessories, special ATEX-rated products, solutions for extreme conditions and workplaces, supporting parts for pneumatic equipment in production lines and much more!  At our stand you will find everything you need to understand that we are a reliable, competitive partner with outstanding expertise in the Industrial Automation business.
Visitors can take the chance to ask for more information on our tailor-made solutions and customized processes that comply with competitiveness parameters and delivery deadlines."


Meet us at Pavilion 23, Stand C20. Our team is ready to show you our newest products and to welcome you in the warmest Italian way!   


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