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Constant innovation, high technology and reliability in every A.P.I. product.

The technology and the constant maintenance of high quality standards allowed to A.P.I. to realize a wide and complete range of standard and stainless steel products specifically designed for the food industry.

The innovation, design and technology of A.P.I.’s products guarantee customers not just a product but a sector excellence. Thirty years of experience and technological research today allows to A.P.I. to develop pneumatic components suitable for these particular industrial applications.
The standard ISO 15552 Cylinders Series AMA & AMT, the standard ISO 6432 microcylinders Series MD, MDM &MDMA and in Stainless Steel Series AMX and according to ISO 6432 Series MDMX & MDMAX, the ISO 21287 compact cylindes Series CI and in Stainless Steel Series CIX, the new Stainless Steel Round Cylnders Series RXD, the valves and spool valves Series A1, the Multipolar Solenoid Valves Series A2, the Airline equipment Series FRL and in Stainless Steel Series FRLX are just some of the A.P.I. components chosen by many international manufacturers to equip their machines for the food industry.

All these products, furthermore, are available in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive, and is always possible a wide customization thanks to the internal R&D department and to the efficient manufacturing unit.
A.P.I. is also very focused on the quality. All its components are supplied with the "A.P.I. CONTROL SYSTEM", assigned only after careful control of each piece and after passing specific tests.

To view all the A.P.I. products, please consult online or download our general catalogue.

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  • Wed, 24/04/2019 - 11:33

    We would like to thank all the people and friends who visited our stand!
    Your enthusiasm and curiosity for our products have been a source of pride for us.
    A constructive comparison, an incentive to improve ourselves more and more with innovative and increasingly competitive products!
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  • Wed, 24/04/2019 - 11:30

    Browse our brochure dedicated to all our 2019 news, with even safer, more reliable, high quality and durable products: A.P.I. produces fully Made in Italy pneumatic components, cared for down to the last detail and certified according to the regulations in force.

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