Thirty years of uncompromising technology, training and quality

Sun, 10/03/2019

Focus on innovation ensuring efficiency and quality: this is the main target of A.P.I. (Advanced Pneumatic Industries), Italian company specialized in the production of pneumatic components.
Established in 1987, A.P.I. over the years invested in expanding the product range, consolidating Technical and Production departments.
Planning how to produce and where to invest, allowed for choices rewarding the quality, approach which revealed winning and farsighted.

A.P.I. decided for a controlled expansion of the product lines, offering this way a complete range of products to customers, but granting at the same time excellent working performances.
The development of Technical Department also allowed to offer technological bespoke solutions to customers, because every single situation deserve a specific consideration. A.P.I. invest substantial resources in R&D to grant the product development and maintain high quality standards.
Company philosophy always valued human resources and over the years A.P.I. remained faithful to its territorial belonging, avoiding to get involved with only a "logic of costs", but following the principle that only a passionate sharing of the knowledge can generate positive human and professional flows.
Associated to Assofluid (Association of fluid power sector) since 20 years. Building valuable partnerships, is part of a consolidated business strategy.

In October 2017 A.P.I. will celebrate the first thirty years of its history. Focus, however, will not be only on the celebration of the past, but mainly on what is to come.
Fix new efficiency and quality standards for the future of the pneumatic automation: everything restarts from here.

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  • Wed, 15/05/2019 - 16:03


    An exhibition completely dedicated to the valve and flow control solutions market a unique event during which you can meet an international network of specialists in the design, engineering, construction, management, operation and maintenance of industrial plants.

  • Wed, 24/04/2019 - 11:33

    We would like to thank all the people and friends who visited our stand!
    Your enthusiasm and curiosity for our products have been a source of pride for us.
    A constructive comparison, an incentive to improve ourselves more and more with innovative and increasingly competitive products!
    Read the logbook of these days and browse the guest gallery.

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