Mon, 10/09/2018

Advertising page, news article and products review A.P.I.


"Fluidotecnica", insert of the Italian magazine "Progettare", publish on its September issue an A.P.I. advertising where are highlighted the Standard ISO 15552 Cylinders Series AMA, the Solenoid Multipole Valves Series A2 and the Stainless Steel ISO 15552 Cylinders Series AMX, suitable for the most common application of the pneumatic industrial automation.
Is also shown A.P.I.’s attendance at the North American well-known fair "IAMD USA 2018" in Chicago, IL, from 10th to 15th of September 2018.
On the magazine Fluidotecnica also appear a news article in which are exposed the features and the versatility of the A.P.I.’s Standard ISO 15552 Cylinders Series AMA and AMT.
Progettare (as well, in its September issue, also publish an interesting products review dedicated to the actuators. A.P.I. is obviously present with its own full and wide range of Pneumatic Cylinders and Accessories.

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    We would like to thank all the people and friends who visited our stand!
    Your enthusiasm and curiosity for our products have been a source of pride for us.
    A constructive comparison, an incentive to improve ourselves more and more with innovative and increasingly competitive products!
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    Browse our brochure dedicated to all our 2019 news, with even safer, more reliable, high quality and durable products: A.P.I. produces fully Made in Italy pneumatic components, cared for down to the last detail and certified according to the regulations in force.

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