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About us

About us

About us

A.P.I. - Advanced Pneumatic Industries IT09863780152 - is an Italian company specialised in the manufacturing of pneumatic components. API started in 1987 as an individual company, and turned into Limited in 1990.

The mission was to create a company with an international printing, our vision, to become a player with a more important role in this constantly changing market.

One of the values leading us through these years, which we always considered indispensable for any achievement, is the importance of the human resources: work in a stimulating and rewarding environment are the basis for any success. We think that creating synergies and strong partnerships can only produce remarkable results.

The first products A.P.I. manufactured were circuit accessories, but for long time most of products in API catalogue such as valves and cylinders were manufactured elsewhere. This state of things had a brake in year 1999 when the decision of manufacturing our own product range was taken: property started investing in a qualified R&D and a modern manufacturing unit. In the year 2007, another manufacturing unit was established and it also works in different fields not only with pneumatics. After continuous investments, manufacturing became progressively bigger until reaching today’s production capacity and problem solving; logistics, stocks, selection and training of skilled and expert people were part of these many investments too. Professional people are helping us at looking after our marketing material such as publication in specialized field newspapers, exhibitions, and so on. Our catalogue, also available online, today offer a wide range of products our own made, it divides in 5 chapters: actuators, valves, airline equipment, accessories, stainless steel components. On request, we also offer bespoke solutions on specific customer specifications and branded products.

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